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Not quite, but it would be so cute if they did leave those. As the new year approached, my autumn babies had grown up and turned elderly, so as is already a tradition, onwards to the Wild Woods we went!

I didn’t even need a backpack this time, Sam and Ely hitched a ride in my hood.

The snow did seem a bit problematic for the smaller roos…

Elysia soon showed me why… lots of snow, ickle roo feet!

Of course they both needed goodbye-cuddles first… Samhain here will surely go and track down Pihlaja and Talvi, the dryad parents of his.

As for Elysia, my little foxy one, I’m pretty sure she’s going to try and find the Santa Roo. She was always after the noms so much.

Sam looks like he’s about to wave goodbye there, and maybe he did. Just before skipping off into the new adventures~

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Santa Roo

Of course he is real! And he brings noms to all good roolings tonight!

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Autumn Babies

Lumi got lonely pretty much immediately after the other three dryads had departed and needed lots of snuggling, the big baby.

The next day was fortunately officially Halloween and so I coaxed two autumn babies. Both are a shade of red with green eyes, so cute ❤

I think Lumi’s initial enthusiasm got a bit of a setback after lil Elysia decided she likes honeybaths, though…

She’s called Elysia, because Ely gave her to me to match the one I decided to coax from Talvi and Pihlaja’s nests. She’s adorable little red with Irish eyes with an obvious penchant for sweets and being pretty. And honey-coated.

I named the boy Samhain, which is the main reason I waited for Halloween before luring them both out. He’s an autumn with clear Irish eyes, so here’s to hoping they’ll make more of those together!

They haven’t asked to be snuggled yet, but I’m patient. They just need a lot of petting and time first to get comfortable, yesyes. I’m sure the skulls have nothing to do with the matter!

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Fall Farewells

The two months of active roo life goes so fast! All my dryads became elderly and I threw a birthday-Halloween-farewell party for them.

I’m still not sure if Pihlaja just hoorayed about the noms in general or if she was objecting about Lemminkäinen trying to grab the noms, but obviously the rascal had to be removed from the center of the table before the feasting could occur. Noms and fun were had. ^_^

Then it was time to take the trip to the Wild Woods. We arrived at night and found the sim having seasonal mood all over!

There were glowing flittery things in the air! We had to stop and stare for a long while just to admire and boggle.

Of course there were the last snuggles to be had, one by one… here’s Lemminkäinen.

And Talvi…

And Pihlaja, my perky-eared pretty. She was the most difficult one to give up.

I think staying up all night watching flittery ghostly things tired them up, so the moment I set them down, they decided it was time for a nap. So I waited for a while, just watching them sleep.

There was plenty to ponder once they woke up. New lands, new roo-scents in the air, lots of tall grass to go play hide-and-seek in…

As the dawn turned into the morning I stopped delaying and one by one let them run free. All but one.

Lumi stayed with me and became a meepet. She’ll become the wise maternal fussing guardian figure for the new roo couple, what with being a dryad messenger (and a honey addict).

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I am too easily amused. Circle had to go out of town for a few days and asked if we could check in on her roos every now and then. I sure can, oyes.

This is me checking in on Nala, the toy snowpaw. Vanilla and strawberries seems to be the way to go…

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Roos on Film

…no, not really. But I did stage them watching a movie about the Great Roodini with the Steam Hunt loots, so… some close-ups from that!

Pihlaja is the operator of the projector and thus got to wear the awesome belt! (It’s really an arm belt with a scope, but for a roo it’s a belt with a Gadgetric Tool of Great Importance!)

The Great Roodini on the big screen! Talvi and Lemminkainen are mesmerized. @.@

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Singing Stones

I had to involve both my roos and the Singing Stones puzzle in my main blog, used them for the khaki-colour challenge. However, I took a couple of extra versions of that last picture… fine, fine, I took about ten extra versions of it, but really like two!

I like this one because Lumi (the sula) is looking at Sonya all ‘What ARE you doing?’ I swear they were laughing at me the whole time I was trying to figure out the puzzle. Let alone trying to chirp at me what to do and thinking I’m dumb because I just kept doing things wrong.

And this one made me laugh because I could just hear them chirping the following:

Lumi: “…and now she turned off the lights.”

Talvi to Pihlaja: “You’re all latticed now.”

Pihlaja to Talvi: “Shush. I think it’s fashionable!”

Lemminkainen in the background: “Mwahahahaa, I’m the invisible ninja roo now!”

And while I’m showing off my roo-abuse for fashion, here’s another one from today:

Pihlaja helping me solve the secret of the sun dial! ❤

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Twisted Roo

I’ve been blogging about the Twisted Hunt in my main blog lately and I just had to make a post about the Twisted Changeling Roos, because Lemminkainen insisted that he should get to play this game as well! That’s what you get with mischievous little critters, oh yes.

I had to grab a close-up of him as well, but couldn’t justify posting it in a fashion blog. *grins* So here, ebil little roo pretending to be a baby. Really not that difficult to imagine when you think of it…

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Roo Retirement

Today Tapio and Mielikki became officially elderly. I can’t believe it’s already been two months! They made 11 nests together, managed not to make one clear-eyed teacup that I so hoped for and I’m sure they laughed about that a lot. They did make one clear-eyed girl in medium size that might be coaxed at a much later point. Not right now since I’m sort of overrun by the dryad babies.

With the elderly status the question of releasing into the wild comes up, of course. I also thought that since there’ll be big SL moving things happening for me soon, it’s better if I do it now so their poor old-roo mindscapes don’t have to stress about everything changing. I don’t even have tiny roo-canes for them to brandish at the youngsters!

After they had given the last instructions to the dryad babies and waved bye from over my shoulder, we travelled back to Beebo’s Wild Woods. We took our time to wander around, meet-and-greet the roos living there and learning the place better.

It seemed like the local roo-life was having a blast roaming free in the big woods! It was getting late, so we found the nearby campfire to rest for a moment.

At this point both of them began asking to be set down. Maybe they wanted to play with the other roos. Maybe they wanted to go home. Regardless, I realized that I should let them go soon, but it sure wasn’t easy.

The longer I waited, the more difficult it became. Evening turned into the night and yet we sat and watched the flames.

After a long, long time of postponing and delaying I finally got up and wandered to the area Beebo had set up for releasing.

There was a huge statue of… a bathing meeroo? I picked Tapio and Mielikki from their cherry tree traveling box to couple-cuddle them a bit more still.

Just a little longer…

Once I managed to set them down, Tapio immediately ran toward the forest all bright-eyed and curious. Mielikki, on the other hand, immediately bumbled my way like the mommy’s girl she is.

I released Tapio first. He had been coaxed first and has always been the brave one to try things out first, thus encouraging poor, shy Mielikki to dare and try them, too. I had a moment of can’t-do-this when Mielikki covered her eyes with her paws. Yegads, so difficult! But then she stood up all bravely and off she went, following Tapio.

I was left staring at the statue in long, long silence. Eventually I wandered home to tell the dryad babies that the Great Roodini had performed the greatest vanishing trick ever.

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The title is a joke on how I’m so self-banned from shopping for at least a century. Yes. Precise number and all that. I played the roo roulette to try and get a Sula dryad roo with …more money than I am willing to calculate. Let’s just say it was a lot and leave it at that. In the end I didn’t even get it! Then an angel called Eff took pity on me and gave me one, so now life is full of squees and pitter-patter of bumbling little roo feet on my lawn. ❤

I had been dreaming of a Sula boy and a Myrr girl and had actually got the Myrr girl earlier from the roulette, lookit her ears! So adorable. The Sula that I got from Eff was a girl, so I had to re-ponder my plans and in the end I kept both girls and got them Troo and Azra boyfriends, so now I have one of each dryads!

My elder couple seemed extremely confused. It’s a good thing there’s no such thing as a roo-mailman or there might have been questions. They’ve made 11 nests together, not one of them coaxed yet, they are about to retire into the Wild Woods and suddenly it’s a baby-splosion of completely new colours…

Lirkku – that’s the primbie birdy’s name — was a constant cause of ponder and boggling. They were adorable, staring up at it… like here:

Oh, and names! The snow white Sula girl is Lumi (Finnish for snow) and I’m mating her with a small bundle of mischief in darker colours, a Troo boy called Lemminkainen. (Yes, I know what those in the know think at this point, but I’m trying to stick to the Finnish mythology theme at least somehow, dammit!) The Myrr girl is obviously Pihlaja (Finnish for rowan) and the white-green Azra boy is Talvi (Finnish for winter).

Oh, and um… I had to continue the joke of Clothes or Roo, That Is The Question~

The answer is obviously ‘roos’! Note how Lumi is all ‘what -are- you guys doing?’ Lemminkainen is pointing out that they’re playing a totem pole, of course! But yes, this is my inevitable fate — can’t afford clothes, sleeping in prim dirt and grass, surrounded by a forest of empty pedestals… o woe is me.

And since I always squee so much about anything snow-themed, of course I stole Lumi away for a photoshoot immediately. I think she was a bit scared to be away from the others and asked me to set her down so she could eat and play. Fortunately after a nap she bumbled over and wanted to be snuggled, so I think she’s just fine.

And um, I did mention I’m snow-obsessed colour and concept wise, right? I sorta took a lot of these pictures…

And one more for the road, then I’ll stop! …for now. <.<

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