Wild Woods

Today me and the roos went hiking! …of sorts. I hiked, they boggled at the big world from the safety of a cherry tree sapling that I carried on my back. What? It’s not like I could shove them in a bag, that’d be barbaric! Now they could travel with snacks!

Our destination was Wild Woods, a retirement forest owned by Beebo of the golden heart variety. ❤ The moment we landed, both Tapio and Mielikki decided they wanted to go home instead! Guess the big world can be scary.

After a brief stop home we returned. Now they felt braver, peeking at the big wide open sea from over my shoulders.

We found a statue similar to the one back home, but the roos were content just to eye it and to sniff the air tentatively. They most certainly didn’t want to step on the stone, so I made sure I didn’t either.

After some wandering we also spotted one of the reclusive meeroos! I think we spotted altogether four, but they were shy little fellows, hurrying into hiding whenever we tried to wave at one.

By the time we reached the duck pond, the roos were yawny and nibbling my hair in a hint-hint-nudge-nudge style so I stopped our great trek to outdoors there and returned home.

Once home they both ran to their own home statue immediately, pressed their noses against it and fell asleep. Guess it was an exciting, exhausting day!

PS. Notice how I’m trying to communicate with them with the help of Gmok the Wise in the background? Green leaf over his head, holding a teacup. Monsoon-eyed teacup babies, you can do it! (They’ve had two medium sized ones and one teacup with umbra eyes, I’ve resisted the urge to coax. So far.)


They’re all grown-up already! How did that happen? Within a week they’ve both turned into complete snugglebugs, always wanting to be held. They’ve managed to find one eagle feather, a lot of tin cans, apple cores and rotten bananas, all brought to me in a proud-great-hunter fashion. I’ve also joined the SLU’s fellowship for chatterages and meeroo-news.

And then today when I got up I had two emails waiting for me:

The object ‘Tapio Meeroo’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
It looks like your Meeroos will have a new baby soon!

The object ‘Mielikki Meeroo’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
It looks like your Meeroos will have a new baby soon!

They both seemed a bit boggled and surprised and not at all certain how it all happened, but there it was, a new nest! The baby shares their winecoat, but was bigger than either (medium) and had random umbra eyes. She shares her mother’s shy nature, too. I’m leaving it out for them to boggle and get used to, but I doubt I’ll be coaxing it. I’m aiming toward the smaller-the-better and vaguely hoping for clear monsoon eyes from them. Regardless, first nest ever required reward-snuggles.

They’ve both turned into such snuggle-wibblers that the only way I can manage to keep both happy is by snuggling them at the same time. Otherwise it’d be constant drop-and-pick-up change circus. This is their grown-up size, by the way. Small and toy, both nice and cuddlable.

All the excitement left them very tired, of course. Tapio kept wanting extra-snuggles where as Mielikki was more about fussing around on the ground like mothers tend to do. Here she sleep-poses as the fierce guardian-mommy, no poking the nest!

Mee Too!

Um. Roo. That’s to say that I gave up, surrendered to the cute and got my first lil meeroo couple. First I wibbled at Aleks to revamp our home into a meeroo habitat, though. He used one of Marv Sideshow’s meeroo habitats as the base and then went crazy with trees, grass, flowers, mushrooms and cute things. Happy Mood, iTuTu, New Trails, Forest Floor and Epic Toy Factory are the squee-furnishings of choice.

I chose the statue-home for the meeroos, figured it’d appease Latte (my Ozimals bunny) since it looks sort of like a bunny totem. I coaxed Tapio out first, figuring that the friendly boy would be braver than the shy girl who is merely blinking at the world here.

Sure enough, pretty much as soon as Mielikki had found home and nomed some berries, she fled into the high grass to peek at the situation from a safer spot. It took a good while for her to stop hiding under rocks and watching me from the grass, but eventually she figured that I wasn’t dangerous.

In the meanwhile Tapio was exploring the surroundings happily, brave little boy. While Mielikki was hiding in the grass, he was hopping about around my feet so eventually I picked him up. He became immediately a snuggle-addict and mommy’s boy and is now wanting to be picked up all the time.

I think the constant snuggling finally convinced Mielikki that everything is fine. Now I’m waiting for them to figure out what the toy blocks are for… I sense a lot of time spent on the grass, lounging about with the meeroos in my future.